Featured Library Tutorials

Featured Library Tutorials

Interactive Tutorialsspaghetti.png

These tutorials are like multi-course meals. You'll get a taste of many research help ideas in one place. These are also good if you like to practice as you learn. These tutorials take about 45 minutes to complete.

ENGL 1120 Library Tutorial

This tutorial explores common information formats used in college-level research, including tips to help you evaluate information. It also walks you through the process of using a research database, developing keywords, finding a source, and citing it. 

COMM 1130 Library Tutorial

Your research assignments likely ask you to find credible or authoritative information. This reflective tutorial asks you to build on your own experiences and understanding of authority: Who are my authorities? How is authority developed? You will also learn a simple technique to evaluate online information.

Self-Contained Tutorialschips-and-salsa.png

These tutorials are like appetizers or small plates. They are quick, informational chunks of learning.

Research Bytes

This is a series of short research guides. Each one is designed to give guidance on one aspect of doing research or using the library. Topics include: Finding Background Information,  Citation Generators, Annotated Bibliographies, and more.

The Library! In 3 Minutes or Less!

Watch for a quick overview of the UNM Libraries and all the resources and services they offer students.

Academic Search Complete

The Library subscribes to databases that contain everything from journal articles and newspaper articles, to entire books, music, art, images, films, and more. Many of these databases contain specialized information that is not easily findable via Google. Watch this quick tour of one of our most popular databases.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Watch this video to learn how to recognize and use primary and secondary sources in multiple disciplines.

Why Use a Bibliographic Manager?

A brief video overview of the reasons to use a bibliographic manager such as Zotero, EndNote, and Mendeley.

More Online Learning


Visit the University Libraries YouTube channel. 

Research Guides 

Targeted information, like recommend resources and search strategies, on a particular subject or course.