3 Million and Counting

Celebrating Library Collections at UNM
Billy the Kid Portrait

In April of 2013 University Libraries will hold a celebration to acknowledge reaching the impressive milestone of three million volumes in our collections.

The official three millionth volume is the generous donation of the William A. Keleher family, long-time UNM and library supporters. The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, written by Pat Garrett and published in Santa Fe in 1882 (10 years before UNM was founded) is extremely rare and made even more valuable since it is a copy signed by the author. The volume adds significantly to the prestige of the already highly-respected collections documenting the history of New Mexico and the Southwest in the University Libraries Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections.

The celebration will feature a brief talk by historian Durwood Ball, editor of the New Mexico Historical Review, on the legend of Billy the Kid and the official presentation of the volume to University Libraries by the Keleher Family. A reception will conclude the evening.

Find Out More

C-SPAN bookTV interview with Mike Kelly, Associate Dean for Scholarly Communications, Special Collections and the Center for Southwest Resarch & Special Collections, on the history of "The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid"

Visit the Centennial Science and Engineering Library to view "The Geography of Billy the Kid" a special display of maps from the collections of the Map and Geographic Information Center.

Commemorative Publication
Cover of the  3 million Volume PublicationThree MIllion and Counting: the authentic story of a rare book, library donors, famous authors, university faculty, staff and students, and how they built a research library collection at the University of New Mexico. Edited by Steven R. Harris.

In recognition of this special occasion University Libraries is publishing a commemorative volume of essays which will be available at the event on April 1. Essays contributed to the volume are:

  • After Noon in Yootó, Luci Tapahonso, Professor of English
  • Oasis on the Mesa, Rudolfo A. Anaya, Professor Emeritus of English
  • What Is a Volume?, Martha Bedard, Dean of University Libraries
  • Celebrating Three Million Volumes, Dr. Robert G. Frank, President, University of New Mexico
  • From One Room to Three Million Volumes: A History of Library Collections at the University of New Mexico, Steven R. Harris, Director of Collections & Acquisitions Services, University Libraries
  • The Library as a Setting for Fiction, Judith van Gieson, author of the Claire Reynier mystery series
  • The Tale of the University of New Mexico Libraries’ Three Millionth VolumeDurwood Ball, Associate Professor of History, editor of the New Mexico Historical Review
Thank You!

We would like to thank the donors who contributed to the publication of the commemorative volume.

Dr. Lorraine C. Attreed and Mr. James F. Powers
Dean Martha A. Bedard and Mr. Denis Bedard
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